Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's talk about Ethan.

Ethan just turned 7 July 20.  He has always been a unique kid, and it's really amazing and fun to watch him.  He taught himself the alphabet at a super young age, and since then, has always been crazy about letters and reading.  He reads ALL the time now.  He also loves to draw, write, and design.  He writes books, that are very creative and he has now started designing comic strips.  He tells us when he gets older, he wants to be an author.

While he is a very bright child, he also has a side that is very, very difficult.  He is as stubborn as a mule when he has to do something he doesn't want to.  He hates going places, even fun places.  He wants to stay home, all the time.  He can keep himself entertained for hours at home.

When he is nervous about something, he won't come out and say he is nervous, instead, he will act out...he'll get mouthy and defiant.  He is very hesitant to try new things.

Take today, for example.  He woke up in a bad mood.  The first words out of his mouth crabby words.  I always try to be very patient with him when he is like this (he has literally been this way since he was an infant).  Allison wasn't awake yet, so I sat by him on the couch, rubbing his back, and I told him I loved him.  Yesterday he was begging to go to Funtastic and we never went, so I told him today we would go.  I had to go anyways, because I had to finalize the details for Allison's birthday party that is going to be there.  I got myself completely ready to go, got Allison ready, and when I went to go help Ethan get ready, he decided he didn't want to go.  This meant that he fought me as I got him dressed, he refused to walk to the car so I had to drag him, and he pouted the ENTIRE way there.  Now I know you are probably thinking, "If he is behaving that way, why would you take him somewhere fun?"  Well, that's because he WANTS to stay home.  If I gave in and didn't go, he would get his way.  Also, Allison wanted to go, so it wasn't fair to her to make her miss out because he was being a grump.

When we got to Funtastic, he refused to wear socks, even though it was a strict rule there.  He kept trying to run out the door, and repeatedly said "I don't WANT to be here."  Somehow I am able to remain very patient, and I kept asking him if there was anything upsetting him that he wanted to talk about.  He said no.  My friend showed up, so I took the opportunity to take him into the restroom where we were alone, to again ask him why he was behaving this way.  He was still struggling to just get away from me (and at 7 years old and 50 pounds, he is getting quite strong!).  I was so fed up and frustrated.  This is how things ALWAYS are with him, and it makes no sense to me. 

My friend mentioned maybe he needed some sugar.  I was at my wits end, so I bought him a Reece cup.  He ate it, and literally, it was like a switch flipped and he was a totally different kid.  He eagerly put his socks on, and ran out to play and had a wonderful time.  He laughed, played with another little boy, ate lunch, and just had a great time.

Now I do think Ethan has some VERY high anxiety issues, but I also am starting to associate his behavior with sugar intake.  When he hasn't eaten (and he didn't want to eat anything before we went to Funtastic), he acts very, very poorly.  As soon as he has something high in sugar, he is a completely different kid.

Now I know I can't give him candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make him be appropriate, but how on earth do you handle a child who is so anxious?  He's only 7!  I'm terrified he will act this way in school, and that would just be a nightmare.

I don't know.  That is my vent for today.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you don't lose your cool with him. I think that is great.Keep up the great work. Good luck too for those kind of days. Stay strong.

Mckunicorn and Rainbows said...

I'm from MWOP. Love your blog. I've been thinking about this post for a while. I'm sure you have, but as a child and sister of a brittle diabetic and someone who suffers from low blood sugar I've got to mention this. Have you checked his blood sugar? I {along with my dad and brother) are quite the handful when our blood sugar gets low.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing as Mkunicorn. Ask his pediatrician or family doctor, and see if they can do some blood work! He could have some glucose metabolism issues!