Saturday, February 20, 2010

Katie Viger

The unimaginable struck the 6th floor at Henry Ford Wyandotte hospital early Friday morning.

One of our own, Katie Viger, had passed away. Most of us, in the backs of our minds, knew that the moment was unavoidable, as a diagnosis of brain cancer is never very encouraging. However, that did not prevent us all from praying with everything we had that a miracle would occur. How could God take a 23 year old, fresh from nursing school and SO full of life? You just can't make sense of that. Surely there MUST be a miracle that is going to happen.

Well, the miracle DID come. Sweet Katie, whom we all loved so much, became an angel. God saw her pain. He saw how scared she was. And he performed a miracle that only he can, and took the pain and fear away. I have no doubt in my mind that Katie is happy, healthy, and likely making all the other angels laugh with her awesome sense of humor. You HAD to notice the sunshine these past couple days, right? Coincidence?

I have been sad about Katie's passing. I don't believe I have cried, though, until I started thinking about her mom. I do not know her mom. I've never met her. I don't even know her name. But her and I have a big connection... we are both mothers. And we both have daughters.

When you have kids, it's like you are automatically given a set list of hopes and dreams for them... school, dances, first love, weddings, college, kids, etc. You don't expect to have that taken from you. Ever. Katie's mom did, and because of that, my heart just aches for her. I cry tears for what she will never get to experience with her daughter. I cry tears for those memories that will never happen. It's excruciating. Losing a child. It shouldn't happen, ever. And it happened to her.

Hopefully someday, she will reflect on all the amazing years she had with Katie. The memories they have already created. Hopefully she will realize that you do not need your child to be on this Earth to still be their mother. She will forever be Katie's mom. And Katie will always be her little girl.

I love and pray for you, Katie. I wish things were different, but God had other plans for you. And to Katie's mom, because of your sweet girl, I will forever hug my kids a little tighter, snuggle them a little longer, take lots of pictures, and never make excuses for an opportunity to make a memory. Because you never know when that'll be all you have left... memories.

You are not crying alone. And Katie's memory will live on through all of those that love and know her. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us.

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