Monday, February 1, 2010

The Shred

I have quite a history of buying gym memberships and then not using them. Don't we ALL do this, though?

Because of this bad habit, I am hesitant to buy a new one, even though I am still carrying extra baby weight from the baby I delivered almost 6 YEARS ago. Add to that the 5 month old I have, and that's a lot of weight, if you ask me.

While shopping at Target one day, I saw Jillian Michaels "The Shred" DVD for sale. I had heard good things about it, so I bought it.

The first time I put it in the DVD player, it started out with Jillian talking about how much weight you can lose in just 30 days. She also said the work out was very short... 20 minutes, I think?

What she DIDN'T say was how ridiculously hard it is. There are three levels to choose from. I chose the first, but figured it might just be too easy. Yeah. No. It was hard. It started off with push ups. You do them for 30 seconds, but I never actually got to DO the push-ups (like I could do a push-up anyways...) because I spent those 30 seconds looking for something nice and soft to cushion my achy knees.

Next we did lunges. With each lunge, my knees would crack. Then I realized my weights were to heavy, so I spent all THAT time trying to unscrew the weights off the ends of the bars.

The next part involved laying on the floor doing crunches, then standing and doing squats. It took me so long to get off the floor and into the squat position, that by the time I was up and ready, it was time to lay back down. I huffed and puffed and broke a sweat, and never actually DID the exercise.

The last part involved laying on the ground and pedaling my legs in the air. HAHAHA! Have you SEEN these legs? They are serious business. And not to mention HEAVY! As soon as I would even get them an inch off the ground, I would realize I was holding my abs (or lack, thereof) so freaking tight, I couldn't breathe. So here is Jillian, with her super skinny legs telling me "you don't get abs like these without work!" and me attempting to raise my thunder thighs off the ground, meanwhile making god awful noises out of my mouth (sounded kind of like "whoooooooo! heeeeeeee! ooomph!) and silently cursing her skinny-ness.

I'm not so sure this will work. I want to be thin. But it's just too much effort. And anyways. I really hate to sweat.

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