Friday, September 18, 2009

Long time, no update!

Things are going so well! Allison is just the sweetest baby. She is very alert and snuggly. She loves to be held, and she is in luck, because I love to hold her. She sleeps extremely well. When we put her to bed, she only wakes up once to eat and be changed. I have been blessed with 2 children that sleep really well!

Ethan just adores her. He calls her his "little princess". He is very sweet and loving towards her and we haven't seen a single ounce of jealousy on his part. He loves to help out with her.

Ethan also started Kindergarten! I was so worried about this, but he is doing just amazing! He loves school. He has made some new friends and he is excited to go in the mornings. He is also very happy when I pick him up. Just today he turned his bedroom into a classroom and decorated the walls with things from his Kindergarten classroom. It is too cute. His "student" is our Beagle, Logan. Today Logan learned his letters and they talked about the weather. :)

All in all, things are going very well. We are all just so happy. I will post some pictures soon!

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