Saturday, March 14, 2009

So with the passing of Jay's Grandma, Ethan has been full of questions.

Ethan: Momma? Why did Granny have to die?

Me: Because she was really old, her body was tired.

Ethan: Is she still in her bed?

Me: She's in Heaven

Ethan: Where is Heaven?

Me: It's wayyyyyyyyy high up in the sky. Past the clouds.

Ethan: If she walks around in Heaven, won't she fall through the clouds? There are spaces between the clouds. She could fall through them.

Me: Heaven is past the clouds. She is very safe there.

Ethan: Did she want to go there?

Me: Of course, everyone wants to go to Heaven.

Ethan: So when is she coming back? Is she back now?

Me: No, she's not coming back. When you go to Heaven, you stay in Heaven.

Ethan: But what if she wants to come back?

Me: She doesn't want to come back. She is very happy in Heaven. Everyone is happy in Heaven. And she can still see you and everyone else she loves. She just does it differently now.

Ethan: How are we going to see her tomorrow, then?

Me: We are just going to see her body. She won't be doing anything. She won't move, she won't be breathing like you and me, and she won't talk. We will just walk up to see her one more time and say good-bye.

Ethan: Buuuuuuut isn't she supposed to be in Heaven?

Me: When you die, your body doesn't go to Heaven. Just your heart. The parts of you that make you special. You know how I always tell you that you have a good heart even when you act up? The special part of Granny went to Heaven. She doesn't need her body any more because God gave her a new one.

Ethan: Is she an angel?

Me: Maybe. I don't really know. No one knows until you go there. But me and you won't be going there for a loooooooooooong time.

Ethan: Can you scratch my back? It's really itchy.

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