Saturday, March 21, 2009

I had my 15 week appointment this week and it was SO disappointing. I had some questions for her and she was so rushy. Normally she'll ask me some questions, then I'll ask her some questions, and then she'll find the heartbeat. This time she came in, said my urine and blood pressure was good, and asked me to lay down! She did question my lack of weight gain so far (2 pounds) but when I assured her that I am definitely eating, she was cool with it. I was supposed to get the penta screen done, but they couldn't get a good vein on me (typical). I ended up calling the day after my appointment and asking if I could get a prescription to have it done at the hospital I work at. I'm surprised she was oaky with that. So I had that done and I should have those results back next week. I also was thinking I may be anemic so she did a CBC. Everything was normal except my hematocrit was low. I think in pregnancy, low hematocrit is normal (it was just a little bit low).My nausea is GONE, thank God! I still gag when I brush my teeth and certain smells bother me, but for the most part, I feel fine. I am still tired a lot and sometimes it feels like my muscles are just exhausted (one of the things that made me think anemia). I also have been getting short of breath really easy, but after playing around on the internet, I learned that it's likely due to progesterone and it's totally normal and safe to me and the baby.

Something that kind of concerns me is that when I am at work, towards the end of my shift, my abdomen HURTS. It doesn't SEEM like contraction pain (it's constant), but I don't know what it is. And I really only notice it at work. My husband is insisting I stop lifting both Ethan and patients (which I have been lately) so hopefully it's just ligament stretching. I WILL mention it at my next appt. regardless of how much of a hurry she is in.

Next appointment is April 13, along with my ultrasound. Yay!

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Rachel said...

I'm 19 weeks now, and I still sometimes gag when brushing my teeth. This is my third pregnancy, and even though I had morning sickness with the other two, I didn't have the brushing issue. Strange!

Yay for feeling better! I love this part of pregnancy!