Thursday, June 13, 2013

A devastating miscarriage that broke my heart into a million pieces but helped me realize that my family was not complete.
Starting a new job, just days after finding out I was pregnant again only 4 weeks after my miscarriage.
Learning at 25 weeks pregnant that my beloved OB was not comfortable taking on the rest of my case with my newly diagnosed cardiomyopathy.
Becoming high risk.
Doing a stress echo at 30 weeks pregnant and wearing a holter monitor for a month.
Doctors appointments every week, either OB or cardiology.
Non-stress tests  twice a week for 2 months.
Finding out my baby boy had an arrhythmia.
Frequent failed non-stress tests, leading to biophysical profiles to make sure the baby was okay.
Leaving work 2 months early due to the fear that I might need to be induced if the baby stops thriving.
Endless prayers and tears, hoping you would be okay.
You were so worth it.

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