Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wanna know what I realized yesterday?  When Leslie doesn't have a moment to "think", she can hold a conversation as if nothing was ever wrong with her brain.  It's the times that there are silences in the conversation that she starts to throw out questions about things to keep things straight in her mind.  If the conversation is busy, she is able to contribute in a meaningful way and again, you'd never know anything was different.

Part of her brain injury means that she becomes fixated on things.  A thought will cross her mind, and she almost becomes obsessed with it.  That is one reason why I am careful about things I tell her.  For instance, if it's something that isn't going to happen for a few weeks, there is no sense in telling her, as it will tumble around in her head and she will be consumed with it.  This observation of mine pretty much just proves what we already know.  Her short term memory is obsolete, while her long term memory is still intact.

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's 50-something-th birthday!  It was a very nice time.  We ordered pizza, Jay and I (okay, Jay only) brought a homemade salad, and Leslie and George brought a Bumpy Cake from Saunders.  Yum!  Part of Leslie's gift to my mom was a DVD George had put together with some very old movies (1980-1981) that were found in my parents attic.  They all featured Leslie as the star, and it was amazing seeing videos of her!  I've seen many pictures of her as an infant, but to see her on video was incredible.  She was a gorgeous baby and it's so fun to see how her mannerisms as an infant are pretty consistent with her mannerisms as an adult:  sweet and gentle.

In other news:  some friends of ours got a trampoline.  The immature part of me just HAD to jump on it and I was quickly reminded of what birthing two babies does to your body.  I know you might be thinking TMI TMI TMI! ...but I also know there are women out there that are saying, "Girrrrrrrrrl, I know whatcha mean!"  Kegels, anyone?

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